Listed below are some Apollo Root Cause Analysis incident reports and cause and effect charts (also known as Realitycharts) that are in development.  These were created using the RealityCharting™ software, which greatly enhances the Apollo RCA process by automating tasks such as integrity checks.

Note that these are work in progress and do not represent anything close to a fully completed report.   Check back to see how these are progressing.

Engineers and Accident Investigators, please see special note at the bottom of this page.

Note:  All examples are in .pdf files and require the Adobe reader to view.  You can get the reader for free at this address:

Construction Crane Collapse, Bellevue Washington, November 16, 2006

This resulted in the tragic death of a young patent attorney from Microsoft, along with tens of millions of dollars worth of property damage and lost revenue.  This Apollo Root Cause analysis shown in this example is at a relatively early stage, and draws primarily from newspaper reports through December 4, 2006.   The analysis is limited as much of the way forward at this point will depend on the engineering and metallurgists reports.  This analysis will be continually refined as the investigation proceeds.  Stay tuned to see of the chosen solutions match with the true root causes of the incident.  (2/27/07: note:  New information was released in Mid February and will be added into this example shortly)

Arctic Rose

This maritime accident occurred in 2001 and resulted is the loss of 15 lives.  The example shown below was done by an Apollo RCA class at the beginning of day 2.  Note that none of the students in the group that created these Realitycharts had any experience in engineering or accident investigation, yet still did an excellent job in documenting the causes of the accident.  This helps illustrate how even after one day of training, students have begun to think causally.